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How to collect the best quality earrings?

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capsule collection available for 72 hours

 Madrid - The world-famous American model Kendall Jenner and the European online commerce platform About You have decided to add their respective sensibilities around fashion to shape a capsule collection, which promises to surprise the millions of followers of the model so much all over the world, and especially to residents of Europe. Region in which the collection will go on sale simultaneously in the 23 European markets in which About You operates, starting at 00:00 (CET) this coming Sunday, July 25. Moment in which the pieces of this capsule can be acquired, that yes exclusively during the following 72 hours after its launch.

Under the name “Kendall for About You”, this collection is presented as the first association between the model and the European e-commerce, following the similar strategy that the company has been pursuing along with other well-known faces, such as the Romanian model Laura Giurcanu or the German singer and songwriter Mowgli. Thus, taking an important and qualitative step forward along this same line with which they have been directing their business model, signing a more international association with the US model, which is thus divided into two parts. On the one hand, with this first launch, which is scheduled to be followed by a second launch on the other, already for the next Autumn / Winter season of 2021.

"With more than 173 million followers on Instagram, Kendall Jenner is one of the great and most famous models in the world, and motivates her followers with her personal and independent lifestyle," they explain from About You through a release. But “it was not only their individualism, but also their authenticity that convinced About You to create this launch together with Kendall”, with an eye to making their styles and looks become accessible “to buy in Europe” . An objective for which e-commerce finally decided to "launch its first 'drop'" with the model.

A collection made up of Kendall Jenner's favorite pieces

As the most outstanding aspects of this first launch of the “Kendall for About You” collection, we find in the first place that limited time to which we already pointed of 72 hours, starting on July 25, in which the garments will be available now sale in the 23 European markets in which the company operates. This is the moment from which they will be able to start acquiring some pieces that will reach the market in sizes from 34 to 44 (from XS to XXL) and at a price that will range from a range of 39.90 to 79, 90 euros.

Meanwhile, as regards the character of the designs, this The first "drop" is made up of a total of 11 pieces of insulting summer lines, all of them numbered based on the code 03/11, a number that refers to the anniversary of the model itself. A succession of garments thus with which it is sought, above all, to reflect Jenner's personal style, gathering under this umbrella some of her favorite clothes and with a greater presence in her wardrobe background. Purpose that as a result has ended up forming a capsule that we will find composed of a wide list of basic garments, such as t-shirts, tops, shorts or sweaters, along with more unique pieces, such as a bikini or a lingerie dress. Designs that we will see made on a color palette in which neutral tones prevail,

"I love the basics," explains Kendall Jenner herself regarding the predominant line of this capsule collection, of which "you can combine each piece of this release in an infinite number of possible combinations."

"Our goal with this crusade is to generate excitement among the digital native client community, and make Kendall's unique style available to all About You clients," added Julian Jansen, Content Director of About. You. "The launch itself has become very personal," he adds, since "it is made up of Kendall's favorite pieces."

A successful model based on the personalization of the online shopping experience

Founded in the German town of Hamburg in 2014 and today integrated into the portfolio of brands of the German multinational Otto Group, About You is one of the European online fashion companies that have experienced the greatest growth throughout these last years.

After reaching the category of unicorn, the first company in Hamburg to achieve this, in 2018, the company has continued to develop a business model aimed at creating an immersive, differential and personalized online shopping experience, making use of an offer made up of the latest fashion collections from more than 2,000 brands such as Nike, Calvin Klein, The North Face, Diesel or Ecoalf. A model that has managed to spread across 23 European markets, adding more than 30 million monthly active users. An audience that allowed it to generate total revenues of 1,170 million euros only during its last fiscal year 2020/2021.

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