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How to collect the best quality earrings?

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These are the trend colors for Autumn / Winter 2022-23

 Louis Gérin and Grégory Lamaud have delivered their verdict. The two artistic directors of Texworld Paris propose to reinvent the real scene in a playground. This playground, suitable for elevation or enjoyment, serves as the basis for the development of the main creative lines of Autumn / Winter 2022-2023 fashion, which were presented with samples and garments during the last edition of the fair organized by Messe Frankfurt France, on the rue du Mail in Paris.

The first trend of this reinvention is the resistance that ensures the future. "At the risk of appearing cautious, it should be noted that the future remains threatening," the creative duo noted in a press release. Some of us will choose safety. This choice will materialize in an "airy, ground-based" palette with shades that evoke clay, minerals -from black coal to ocher-, clay and "tenderly fluorescent" green.

Vegetable notes that express sediment, soil or sap

The second trend in terms of the color of fabrics for Fall / Winter 2022-23 is elevation. This ethereal creative axis involves palettes of blue, transparent or glassy, ​​with effects of plastic materials, but also in more pink and warmer tones. The third trend enshrines osmosis, that is, "the return to the womb of mother nature", and is expressed through a tonal approach taken from nature, with vegetal and floral notes: green at its best, both in version jungle as reminiscent of moss or sap.

Enjoy at last. This is the fourth and final trend. “If there is no rule, nearby is no truth, only fun counts. A wise and mature pleasure. Freed from the weight of self-importance, we are light. As light as laughter. Multiple colorful as an unrestricted wish. There is not limit. There are no barriers. This trend is surely the one that best sums up the general desire for a “renaissance of all styles”. It gives prominence to sweet and exquisite colors, but also to contrasts, between vegetables and minerals, soft and hard (velvet and glass), with iridescent or pearly effects.

Autumn / Winter 2022-23 launch a collection of watches

Madrid - Giving a good example of its constant support to the new generations linked to design, the jewelry firm Aristocrazy has just launched on the market, in collaboration with the IED Madrid design study center, a collection of watches designed by Andrea Carrera; student of the Bachelor's degree in Artistic Teaching of Product Design at the center.

Under the title of “Watercolors”, the collection consists of two watch models in blue and pink (129 euros), both with a 38mm case and pink steel bezel, with the backs engraved with an exclusive illustration showing refers to this unique collaboration between the firm and the study center. An initiative that has been conceivable thanks to the initiative of José Hurtado, Head of Clock Design at Aristocrazy and professor at the IED in Madrid, whose students of the Degree in Product Design were presented with the possibility of presenting their proposals for this collaboration with the firm, through an exercise from which the three main categories into which watchmaking design is divided had to enter to work: visual design, design of a complete watch and design of dials.

As a result of the exercise, Carrera presented “Watercolors”. A collection of two watches that, from the IED through a statement, "represent the free stroke of watercolors and the infinite composition of colors, resulting from the mixture of pigment with water." A proposal that "evokes summer" for "the liveliness that its design gives off" and for "the conceptual invitation to enjoy the time", so typical of this summer season, which is also exemplified as a "meeting point where design, education and crafts come together to create a profound and unique creative exercise ”.



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